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Ethan`s Story

My son`s name is Ethan. He is a sweet, loving child.

When Ethan was 2, we felt like he couldn`t hear us. We went to do a hearing test, he passed 100%.

The Doctor suggested we see someone that specializes in Autism. In my mind all I could think was "What is Autism?"

I google searched Autism diagnosis and came across our local hospitals Autism center.

When we were scheduling our appointment, they said it would take about three hours to ensure he had Autism. Ethan was diagnosed in a matter of ten minutes.

At the same appointment we were given a book called "The First 100 days of Autism". We asked all the questions we could but mainly how can we help Ethan?

We were told he needs ABA but it is a 6 months wait. As parents we all feel 6 months can be the same as saying a lifetime.

The counselor said go home and read the book and there are some resources you can contact that might have shorter wait times.

Here I was a young parent with no guidelines and no help. My son needed me and I could not figure out what to do.

I googled everything I could but the resources were limited and I didn`t know anyone who had kids with Autism diagnosis.

We called around to different people in our circle of friends and someone suggested a school. We tried whatever we could.

The school charged us a lot of money and Ethan continued to get worse not better.

After many failed providers and financial burdens, one year later at the age of 3 we were able to find Ethan the care he needed.

I wanted to create Ethans list to help families with financial burdens and stress, while allowing them to focus on their child.

Ethans`s List was made with my whole hearts intent to help all families feel that there is hope and help.